Workforce Pathways

We understand that poverty is a symptom of a larger issue of institutional and systemic racism in regards to our states economy, we know that there is a clear need for investment into our black community members ability to organize for structural change inside of their workplace to increase wages, secure benefits and to promote the need for economic mobility, these are all concrete ways to close some of the socio-economic gaps that we see in MN.

Our goal as an organization is to create and foster a job-readiness program as well as an organizing program based in political education, leadership development and supplying everyday black workers the skills needed to effectively organize their workplace and their communities. We do this through a holistic organizing approach that creates space for workers to “skill-up” in partnership with unions and private sector companies and using that space as the entry into workplace organizing, leadership development and political involvement.

Tenets of Job Readiness

Fellowship and Healing: Many of our community members are coming from different places in life, with different trauma, different triggers and different issues we will make space to build fellowship and centering healing.

Soft Skills: Resume writing, interview skills, technology training).

Hard Skills: On-site training in partnership with labor unions and other community partners)

Political Education: All cohort members will participate in weekly political education training focused on building organizing skills and shaping world-view.