MPLS 2021 Endorsed Candidates

It brings our staff and our members great joy to announce our 2021 Minneapolis City Wide Election Candidate Slate featuring as follows.

Ward 2: Robin For Minneapolis
Ward 4: Phillipe Cunningham
Ward 5: Jeremiah Bey Ellison
Ward 9: Jason Chavez-Cruz
Ward 10: Aisha Chughtai
Minneapolis Park Board: Londel French for Minneapolis Park Board

These candidates have proven time and time again that they will listen to, learn from and work hand in hand with community to make Minneapolis a more equitable, democratic and just city through engaging their constituents and creating innovative policy solutions around jobs, housing and community safety.

We look to them to lead Minneapolis into a future where working class black and brown communities are at the forefront of every decision that will impact their lives.

October 26, 2021