We envision a Minnesota with a prosperous and empowered black community.

New Justice Project MN is a black led organizing hub focused on building power for and with low income and no income Black Minnesotans by organizing in the policy areas of jobs, housing and supporting the ongoing work of reimagining community safety.

Our organization’s values are grounded in centering the most directly impacted community members, leadership development, political education and trusting the leadership of Black workers and the black community to create change in their city and state.

Our Mission

We seek to dismantle the current framing of justice and create a new gravitational pull towards equity and accessible opportunities. We frame justice as a verb–a series of actions to demonstrate our values and the promise of upward mobility in our community. The New Justice Project is a commitment to giving each their due, and ensuring resources are not a barrier toward self-determination.

Our Team

Rod Adams
Executive Director

Jasmine Kitto
Director of Pathways Program

Gigi Soud
Operations Director

Farah Habad
Communications and Field